People frequently call Florida a debtor's paradise because it is so difficult to garnish a person's wages and there are so many exemptions to levy on one's wages. However, the lawyers for USAmeriBank, a Florida corporation, figured out a way of garnishing wages of the head of a household by having the head of a household sign a waiver.
It all happened in USAmeriBank v. Klepal, 36 Fla. L. Weekly D2237. In that case, the Second District determined that where the person borrowing money signed a promissory note that read "I consent to the issuance of a continuing writ of garnishment or attachment against my disposable earnings, in accordance with Florida Statute Section 222.11, in order to satisfy, in whole or in part, any money judgment entered in favor of the Bank", that such was sufficient to waive the exemption for the disposable earnings of the head of a family to the extent that the disposable earnings exceeded $500.00 a week.