The eight most common sports and exercise injuries are:

• Strains and sprains
• Swollen muscles (myositis)
• Achilles tendon
• Shin splints (pain along the shin bone)
• Groin pull
• Knee
• Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
• Rotator cuff

The most common sports and exercise injuries will heal over time or with minor rehabilitation. First, don’t “play through” the injury. This can cause more pain and harm. Rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) are the most effective methods to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed healing. Rehabilitation, pain relievers and sometimes surgery can help if these methods fail.

However, there are more serious sports injuries that may warrant legal action:

• Head Injury – Concussion or Hematoma
• Neck Injury
• Back Injury
• Paralysis

 A recent study* suggests that 40% of ex-NFL players have brain damage from concussions. We’ll cover these types of injuries under a separate post sometime in the near future.

Under Florida law, sports trainers, personal trainers, gym owners, and sports coaches may be liable for injuries and accidents caused by their negligence, such as the failure to properly instruct, supervise, use proper and safe equipment, and take other reasonable measures to prevent harm.

If you have been injured while playing a sport, swimming, or working out at the gym, and you think it may be due to negligence of some sort, please call me at 386-258-3453 to discuss your injury during a free consultation. We’ll evaluate your situation and take the next steps toward your recovery.

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