Children and playgrounds are as natural a combination as bread and butter. You can’t keep them apart. Unfortunately, injuries often follow and are an all-too-common occurrence. Who is responsible for school playground injuries? This is not an easy question to answer. If your child was injured during a playground activity, the school district might be legally responsible. The most important action to take is to get the student safe and attended to. Then, you’ll need to get the facts.

•    What was the injury?
•    How was it caused?
•    Should the children have been outside in the first place?
•    Did it involve another child or children?
•    Was there adequate supervision? If not, this is a form of negligence.
•    Had the children been cautioned, or taught how to properly use the equipment?
•    What was the state of the equipment? Was it in need of repair?
•    What are the medical costs now, and in the future?

However, even before you file a lawsuit with a school district, you must file a formal claim, in writing, with the correct official of the district. There are strict and short time limits on filing the claim, and then you must wait for the school to respond.

With so much at stake – the recovery of your child – you’ll need a competent and experienced lawyer by your side. Please, take care of your child, and then call us. We’ll help you gather the facts to present a proper presentation to the district. Paul Bernardini, 386-258-3453

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