We live in the most dangerous part of the nation when it comes to pedestrian crashes. Central Florida is home to the worst pedestrian injury/death record in the United States, and Orlando is the most dangerous city, per capita, in America for pedestrians.

We would do well to realize that in 2013 in Florida, 53% of pedestrian crashes were the fault of the pedestrian, while only 28.2% of them were attributed to the driver. The remaining balance were unsure of the fault.*

Every pedestrian has the duty to obey traffic laws and be aware of traffic conditions. Pedestrians are small in comparison to a car, let alone a truck, and rarely win a contest between the two. The Governors Highway Safety Association (www.ghsa.org) reported in Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State 2014 Preliminary Data:

In Florida in 2013, more than a third of fatally injured pedestrians 16 and older had a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. 70% of deaths occurred between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. 2014 saw 292 fatal pedestrian crashes; up 50 from 2013, and higher than New York, Texas, and California. Those three states actually saw major decreases in fatalities.

Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian involved in a pedestrian crash, you will need competent legal representation. There are many factors to each case: failure to yield, careless driving, alcohol, etc., and Bernardini Law can help you navigate through you or your loved one’s case. Call 386-258-3453 whenever you need us! Remember – your consultation is always free.

*Comprehensive Study to Reduce Pedestrian Crashes in Florida, Research Center, FL DOT, Dec. 2013, Revised January 2015